IUI is a process by which sperms are washed and inseminated into the uterus using a soft catheter. The procedure is done for couples who failed to conceive naturally.

Here at Parampara we perform 4 -6 IUI cycles for a couple. IF IUI fails the next advanced treatment IVF/ICSI is suggested.

It would be better to assess the tubal  patency before IUI, so that we know whether there is any blockage.

A diagnostic Laparoscopy would assess the uterus, tubes, ovaries and the pelvis.  So the procedure would help us  to find out the cause of infertility.  So if  you fail to conceive naturally or scan shows some abnormality it is better to go for Laparoscopy before you go for any further fertility treatment.

PCOS is small cysts in your ovaries which can causes irregular periods, failure to ovulate, abnormal hair growth and could be one of the common cause of infertility

The success rate of IVF/ICSI depends on the patient’s age, ovarian reserve and semen parameters.  Usually the success rates is about 30 - 40%

Usually  injections to increase the numbers of eggs and size is taken subcutaneously, it is not that painful

We instruct the patient to be careful after embryo transfer. As such bed rest is not shown to increase the success rate, it is better to restrict physical activity.

You can have regular, healthy , non-spicy diet with lots of fluids

If  you have any frozen embryos with us, we would do frozen embryo cycle, if not you have to go for one more fresh cycle.

Blastocyst transfer is transferring embryo after growing it for 5 days in the IVF lab.  Usually if embryo is able to grow this for it usually has a good implantation and success rates when placed inside the uterus.

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